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Life updates

Decided to post my big long life update here rather than my FA. Although a lot fewer people will see this here, this is a journal site vs an art site.

So, life. I've been more and more stressed lately with life taking me towards the crazy side of things. I'm increasingly running into more and more small problems and finding ways of solving them is sometimes difficult and requires compromise. This summer, I went to AC and Camp Fire Tails, which were both fun, but neither felt like the con experience I used to enjoy. I hate to say it, but I feel like I'm kinda losing steam in this fandom. My suit work is slowing down, I'm losing motivation, and I feel like I almost kinda wasted my summer in some ways. Either way, school is starting for me again tomorrow and I'll once again become insanely busy for 4 months. Gonna push myself to get more suits made in my free time and hopefully have something done for RF. Another thing that weighs heavily on my mind is paying off a suit I've commissioned. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny IMHO and I'll prob have to start making some major cutbacks on spending, which is totally OK since school will keep me busy enough to not go to every event. I've got several secret projects on the horizon that I'm also very excited about, some more public than others, some only myself or a very select few know about. I'm gonna take school as a good way to try to normalize my life again by spending more time at home with my family, spending less, and trying to take care of those small problems in my life. I'll also try to be more active again on social networks like twitter to stay connected with friends throughout my long and busy days. As hard as life can be, I've got a realistic goal that I am slowly getting closer to and I thank all my wonderful friends and family for being there with me every step of the way.

Also, who the hell even reads this crap anymore? :P I guess it's just a good way to get what I'm thinking off my mind, even if this ends up being a personal journal kinda deal. Anyways, I'm off for now, gotta wake up in 6 hours X_X

Update and new happenings

So, a few new happenings lately. Separated into sections so read what looks interesting, skip what doesn't, or TLDR the whole thing :P

School is getting busy, as is work. The semester is wrapping up and I'll be getting my first certificate this summer so I can go test for my airframe license, half of what I need to become a fully certified FAA Aircraft mechanic. With the end of a semester also comes a lot more work, as I work for a community college A/V department, lots of stuff starts happening towards the end of a semester. Just 2 more weeks to go =^.^=

Got a new phone from my parents a few days ago. Shiny new iPhone 4s. And in a nice stroke of luck, I also got my hands on an HTC vivid to play with. Also just picked up an otterbox for the iPhone. Amazing case, really love it.

My car is still doing ok. It's starting to fall apart on the outside and I'm having trouble keeping up with minor repairs in my busy schedule but the major components (engine, tranny, etc.) are still running strong. On the list of to do for it, before califur: Replace right CV/drive axle, replace torn right steering rack boot, shim out Rear Right suspension to correct camber and check alignment, rotate tires, fix or replace left side view mirror, install 70cm mobile ham radio. I've also gotta find myself a roof basket, hitch, and hitch mount rack.

On the Fursuit front, finished Pazooki a while ago. He's a big hit and I have KaiFox, Kyu, and Triac all to thank for their help, guidance, and slave labor on this suit :P Planning next project, wanna make something purple since I have a lot of purple fur, also need to start putting sriracha togehter too. I'll also be grabbing a suit from Skyote soon so I'm uber excited about that one.

Photography wise, I've still got the same gear, nothing fun on that front. Beyond gear, I got a chance to try my hand at fetish/sexual themed photography this weekend. Did a shoot for some friends and really had a blast doing it. It's a lot of fun and definitely different since I'm thinking about how to make the photo look professional and hot at the same time. I've got lots to learn still but I can definitely say I'm expanding my photographic interests. I'd also really love to try out nature/animal photography sometime too.

Lastly, plans for summer. June will be fursuit work, Califur, then AC. July, Study for and take my FAA Airframe exam and get my license. August, more suit shenanigans and Camp Fire Tails, then bak to school.

FWA 2012 Con Report

Uploading my pics now, meanwhile, have a con report:

Got back from FWA last night and boy was it a crazy whirlwind of a weekend. To start things off, I wanna first say that this was my first FWA and that FWA is, so far, one of the 3 cons I've been to that does a con right, the other 2 being AC and RF. They cater to their attendees as much as their sponsors, they have a great schedule of events, the con is run very smoothly, events start on time, and the hotel was awesome.

Here's a rundown:

Thursday. Flight out reallly early with Dax and Bucker, uneventful besides the fact that we ended up on the same flight as yippee and Kyell Gold. Once we arrived, we were grabbed from the airport by Kavik and off to the hotel we went. Unpacked, got pazooki put together, and then we went out for dinner. Found this kinda burger joint deal that was real nice with Bison. Later on, headed back to the hotel, hung out, suited a bit, and hit the first night's dance briefly.

Friday: woke up late, did mostly con stuff that day (fursuited, took lots of pics, commissions and dealer's den, etc.) did dinner that night at trader vic's with a ton of peeps, which was awesome, then hit the hot tub once we got back, suited up, then headed to bucker's set, danced my ass off, then headed to bed.

Saturday: another day of con stuff (suiting, bounce house, pics, commissions, hanging with friends, etc.) Later that night, ate dinner at Hsu's chinese (which really sucked. $20+ for a small ass plate of pretty normal chinese). Many thanks to Kaysho for that one. Ended up missing the Momocon flashmob which i deeply regret but meh, next year. I'll even bring some cosplay stuff to go with my fursuit for shiggles. Spent the rest of the night recording audio for Room Block Tango, our parody of Cell Block Tango from Chicago in honor of the theme "Furries at the Moulin Rouge", later that night, getting drunk, and having a late night photo adventure before turning in.

Sunday, woke up and jumped straight into getting ready for Furries Got Talent, rehearsals, then show. The show was epic, lots of people got our jokes though I was kinda surprised how few people knew we were parodying a skit from Chicago. I guess furries just don't really watch musicals X_X Didn't win anything but we had a shit ton of fun and added another skit to popufur productions history. Afterward, we tried for the photoshoot but they were too busy. Thanksfully, we managed to get some photos taken by Char next to the pool of our gang. Afterward, desuited, hit up some italian place for food with the Tenn. Furs, headed back to the hotel, and dead dogged it till I was dead :P

Monday, Slept in, packed, ate one last meal in Atlanta, then headed to the airport to come home. The funny part was that I ended up getting chicken and waffles with bucker after we got back, in oakland, rather than atlanta.

Shout outs:
MUCH Thanks to all the con staff, my good friends Ranan and Malo for staffing and making it an epic ass con, my Cali friends for chillin and bringing the east coast a slice of Cali goodness, all my friends from abroad, the con would not have been as awesome without you, New friends I love you all, Furshoot for running an amazing photoshoot studio, momocon for being good sports, the hotel and local hangouts and restaurants for putting up with us, and my roommates bucker, kavik, blitz, and mason for putting up with me.

Con was very smooth
Lots of fursuiting time
Room Block Tango
Lots of free shwag from con
Lots of comments on Pazooki
Took lots of pics
Lots of good food
Met lots of new people
Got some AMAZING badges

Room Darma at one point
Expensive con
Lost a T-shirt and my cell phone charger
Con too short :P

Initial Media Count
834 pics
7 vids

Final Media Count (unusable pics removed)
660 pics
7 vids

Another one of them update things

Here's another, hopefully short, update on the state of things. My life is becoming busier day by day. I'm still chugging away on Pazooki, whom I wanted done by FC. Guess that never happened :P Got his body finished finally, now gotta make feet, figure out padding for legs, make handpaws, and make his tail. Gotta somehow fit this into the next 2 weeks amongst my insane schedule. School is fairly slow right now and kinda boring since it's mostly been classwork and not much lab work. My dad is in the process of buying a house, my aunt's moving, I still have to file taxes for my dad and myself, my 2nd job is picking up again, my parents wanna go on a trip to tahoe, and amongst all of this, FWA is fast approaching. I've basically got 2 weeks to finish pazooki, shoot and edit a video with Bucker, write lyrics and figure out choreo for a skit, plan, prepare, and pack. My lack of time, the fact that FWA forces some tight spending since I'm saving for the con, and gas prices skyrocketing means most of my friends and bay area furs are seeing very little of me. I rarely make it out to any events and kinda feel overwhelmed and very lonely right now. I'm of course pushing forwards one day at a time even though I'm so dead every day. I'm up to 3-4 cups of coffee a day if I even want to think about making to my bed alive every night. I'm basically pushing through a hard point in my life and hoping it'll pass soon and things will ease up a bit.

I hope to get pazooki done in time and get some pics of him up. Also, I STILL have FC video to sort through and upload as well as pics to upload to the server.

On the plan for the rest of this year, FWA, Califur, AC, CFT (Staffing as Happenings director), RF, and maaaaaybe MFF. Plan on getting my Airframe License later this summer and hopefully get some kind of PT job in the field. Also looking into taking ground school and getting started towards a sport pilot license as well as saving up for a Denny KitFox kit plane and a Rotec Rotary Engine for it. I'll eventually move up to private pilot but the kitfox is sport rated so I can just get that for now.

Until next time, Ciao

Daily Journal 12-24-11

I've really been trying to post more and am hoping to find time to update this on a daily basis even if it's just a lil blurb that's a sentence long.

Anyways, weird feelings from last night are mostly gone, misunderstandings sorted out. I'm now enjoying a nice dinner with my family. It's very nice to see everyone again, especially relatives I don't see much. I'm even a lil bit tipsy from wine. Now taking a break to type this up and waiting on family for the white elephant gift exchange. Sure feels nice to be with the whole family again and am very much looking forward to hanging with friends tomorrow. Either way, Hope everyone else is having a good Christmas and Holiday Season. Back to the party

Weekend recap and some updates

So, this weekend initially started off kinda slow with a lot of work. Once Friday rolled around, I was soon getting MFF tweets and my mood went from soso to total shit and I kinda dropped into depression mode. The point wasn't that I didn't go to the con, the point was that I had a chance to go but things didn't work out in the end. From that point on, I promised myself to make this the most epic weekend I could. So begins the story of my MFFesque weekend.

Friday was hell as I went straight from school to work, then got home late, but not before I snuck in a bit of hot tubbing at a good friends place. Once I got home, I decided it was a good idea to get drunk and relax. So a nice relaxing night a a series of drunk tweets followed

Saturday began with work again. Afterward, I headed to Berkeley to hang out with Dax and Latte and help out with a photography project. I soon found myself in Doppler, running around the streets of downtown berkeley, getting pics at bus stops, waving at people, dealing with the "crazies", riding BART, and getting more pics pulling groceries out of the trunk of a car. Was a crazy fun time and hopefully Latte got some good pics to use for her project.
As soon as we finished that, I headed down to Fremont and got the Fremont Furbowl rolling.

I was immediately surprised at the number of furs in attendance especially with MFF going on, with even more on the way. We ended up splitting into multiple groups to do food since no single restaurant could handle all of us. The rest of the night was composed of fursuits, photos, booze, flashy dance lights, music, and dancing (those special bowling nights). Final headcount was about 25-30 furs in attendance and 11 fursuits. Probably one of my most successful ones yet.

Sunday, actually got to sleep in. Woke up and got my first of 2 new dual intel Xeon systems set up as my new media center PC.

2x 1.6GHz Intel Xeon
80GB+120GB HDDs
Nvidia Quadra video card

Lots more power and lots quieter than my old box. Soon after, I headed to berkeley to meet up with a ton of furs at Zachary's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and proceeded to stuff my fat little face full of pizza. Then more hanging out and Icis for ice cream. Many thanks to TreyCat for pseudo-organizing this.

After all that, I came home to hang with Kai Fox and do some fursuit work and get my new server up, which brings me to now, waiting on the server to install while drinking some Little Roo Merlot and enjoying myself greatly. Specs on the server are as follows

2x 1.4GHz Intel Xeon
2x 80GB HDDs, 1x 120GB, and 1x 18GB 10k RPM SCSI for swap space
Nvidia Rage128 (don't need powerful video for a headless server)

This weekend was AMAZING. Got to fursuit, dance, got drunk all 3 nights, ate at Zachary's chicago pizza, hang out with awesome friends, see friends I hadn't seen in forever, got 2 computer's upgraded, almost ready to fur a new fursuit head, and lots more. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my BS, hanging out, and generally being crazy with me. Next weekend, Turkey day, black friday, and a trip to reno to visit Tyco. Fun Times!

LJ usage, RF and Antheria Recaps

I usually post my con reports on both LJ and FA as I feel more people follow FA but at the same time, LJ is more of a journaling site. I've been using LJ since before I was a furry and have since moved accounts but have always enjoyed using to spill my thoughts out and share them with good friends. I'd like to continue my usage of LJ as I really enjoy the communities on LJ and the ability to post TLDR posts, or what I call walls of text.

Anyways, These past 2 weeks have been a nonstop blur of craziness. I totalled my dad's old pickup truck on the back of a middle aged asian woman's car a few days before RainFurrest. For some stupid reason, she thought it was a good idea to merge across a freeway at 15mph and decided to merge in front of me while I was driving at highway speeds. Anyways, that's one of those stories nobody really cares about. Long story short, truck totalled, insurance investigating, both parties alive and OK, no injuries.

Now, on to my RF con report that I never got a chance to post here since I've been so busy these past 2 weeks. Anyways, copy/pasted from my FA:

Back from RF finally.

This con was fairly interesting for me since it sorta happened during school so I was very time limited on when I had to fly in/out. Even with a few bumps in the road, I still had a good time.

The Good:
Met lots of new people
Got a few awesome badges and t-shirts
Got to hop around in a doppler a fair bit with his new big bouncy tail
Sneaking wine into the GOH dinner
Stealing moka's camera and taking a metric fuck ton of pictures
Generally had a ton of fun

The Bad:
Felt fairly lonely despite all the people
IMHO con was not as organized as last year
Struggling with Doppler a bit
WTF early 6:30AM flight out
Lack of good sleep caused me to miss several events

To start, RF consisted of me mostly trying to hang out with friends as much as I could as I already knew that I was gonna be seeing a ton of people and probably wouldn't have time to do much more. I once again felt like I spread myself too thin and felt fairly lonely as I didn't feel I got any quality hang out time with people this con. Did hit the dealers den a bit and spent a fair amount as well as a few fursuiting panels. Will be looking to host one myself next year.

The new hotel had it's good and it's bad's. I noticed that the rooms varied in size even though some of the reservations were the same. For instance, we had a huge 2 king poolview room where other friends who had the same room downstairs had a considerably smaller room. The separation of rooms between the new building and the old one was a pain in the ass as essentially to get from 1 set of rooms to the other, you had to ride the elevator down, walk across the lobby, then ride another one or take the stairs back up very much like the fairmont at FC.The central areas in the middle of the building where the pool and the open outdoor areas were were absolutely amazing for photoshoots and allowed lots of opportunities to do both night shoots and day shoots. The convention center deal was both good and bad. It allowed for a seperate con space away from the hotel for late night dances and shenanigans but was fairly annoying to have to travel to and from in fursuit. I felt the hotel was a tad bit stricter than the marriott but rightfully so as I feel some attendees this year were not all that bright (bubble bath in the hot tub, etc.).

The con itself this year I felt was not as well organized as last year and the theming was almost absent. I've loved RF for it's push towards con theming the past few years (zombie game, cosmonauts vs astronauts, etc.) and this year I expected to see something like camp cabins or something of that sort. The programming I felt was also a fair bit lackluster (variety show had few acts, some panels were very sparsely attended, etc.) Registration and event timeliness were both top notch as usual. Though RF wasn't as solid as last year con wise, I must say they are still one of the few cons which runs smoothly from year to year.

Few last things. I stole moka's Canon 60D for a tad while he was in suit at RF and have sorta re fallen in love with photography. The sheer speed and the massive number of features the camera had compared with mine was astounding. As I'm struggling with my old canon 300D to take even a few pictures, I could taken 20 with the 60D in various configurations. I believe speed in shooting and speed in adapting to changing environments at a con is important and I just can't keep up with my old 300D anymore. I also got to pick up a Nikon to play with a bit and I must say, not bad, I'm impressed. So, I'm now in the market for a new camera, either nikon or canon. I've currently got my eye on the 60D or 5D MK2 for canon and I still need to do a lot more research on the nikon end of things. I also rekindled my enthusiasm for suit building a bit. Saw lots of cute suits and lots of orange and blue <3 My minds flying with ideas for the next Iteration of Groggy FoxRoo with Orange, Aqua, Blue, and white as the colors. Planning on making him very roo shaped but going with a minimum of body padding and making the ears smaller and more flexible as to make travel easier.

Also, I didn't realize I was so well known. I feel really bad since apparently a lot of people knew me and I didn't know them since I really suck with names and faces. I just know I hear either Groggy or Doppler all the time while I run around the con and I must apologize if I didn't remember your name right off the bat. I also did a lot better this year at trading contact info than I did last year though I still had a ton of people I didn't trade info with X_X

So yah, the con was stupid awesome, Looking forwards to next year. And with that, another chapter in my life is concluded. Groggy/Doppler Signing out!

Now, Antheria... This con happened on a whim. Started out as a big maybe, then led to a possibly, then, thanks to twitter, turned into a yes. I will say first that this con ended up having a lot of crap happen to me. Almost felt like it wasn't worth it to go to this con. That's not saying I didn't have fun. Yes, there were several mishaps but they all seemed to happen in the most interesting/funny ways and in the end, the con turned out fairly fun.

To start, the driving...Fuck the drive...with a 10 foot, fat spikey club. I ended up with work Friday night of the con so I decided to leave after work at 10:30pm. Drove to newark to meet up with my carmates, Torrle and Mel. Then 6 hours of driving. It was very tiring and the FoxMobile sustained more damage on the way down. Front left of the vehicle was run into a light post. Now, I won't say who hit the post, I'll just say one of us did. Thankfully, and almost ironically, the car was damaged in just the right spot. The fender damage is easily repaired with a few body work tools and hammers and some primer to prevent paint flaked areas from rusting and I just so happen to have an extra left front headlight bucket and cornering light from previous adventures with the Foxmobile. So, that became the first occurrence during this con that Mel uttered the famous words of this trip "I have duct tape". So after some taping of the car, we were on our way again. We eventually arrived at the hotel around 7am and managed to wake both kyu and moka up to open the hotel room door for us. We loaded in, slept for a few hours, woke up, registered, and headed out for food. We decided to try Polly's on the Pier per recommendation from Orzel and it turned out to be a wonderful lil diner like place which was pretty fairly priced. We then headed back to the hotel, still sleep deprived, got in fursuit, and proceeded to the photoshoot and pier walk. We all stayed in suit for something like 2 hours. After photos, the pier, the Tilt a Whirl, DDR, and much more, we were dead tired. I also stole Moka's camera again and found out that Live view is a pain in the ass to shoot in. I ended up shooting most of the photos portrait to get the lens around my muzzle and did most of the shooting in JPEG with High Speed Continuous on. Also discovered that shooting portrait for that long kills your wrist. Moka needs a battery grip :P So during the peer walk. I ended up taking just over 1000 photos, which Torrle composed into a 1 minute video here. I'll eventually get those photos uploaded along with the RF photos I took soon as I get my gallery3 on my server back up.

The youtube video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYshKK8j30w

After the pier walk, which saw moka walking into a fire hydrant, almost the same exact thing i did last year, we all tried to recover a bit which comes to the second famous mention of "I have duct tape". We ended up duct taping an ice pack to moka's leg before we headed out to Phuket Thai, which we all happily called Fuck It Thai. Afterward, we decided to hit up the liquor store for groggy sunrise supplies, which the liquor store didn't really have so we bought random stuff. Ended up chilling in the room again and started drinking. Found out that the random port we bought at the liquor store which was dusty was amazingly aged to perfection. We were soon fairly happy and decided to head to the alcohol appreciation panel. I had planned ahead to sneak a ton of alcohol into the panel which I did via a laptop bag, and good thing I did too since the hotel staff was being anal about outside beverages since they had a cash bar going. I ended up sneaking in a bottle of wine, a bottle of premixed screwdriver, what was left of the port, and 4 pear ciders. We ended up going through everything during the panel and most of us were pretty messed up by the end of the panel. I ended up stumbling back up to the hotel room at which point, I don't remember much else of what happened that night but apparently some random stuff happened and there are apparently pictures :P

Sunday, slept in, woke up late, hit Polly's again, then went fur shopping where I further prepared for Groggy Roo by grabbing long white chest floof fur, navy blue DF, and blue sparkle fur as well as a few furs for friends. Headed back to the hotel, wanted to go suiting some more and hit up the improv show. Decided to not get nasty and tired for the drive home and decided to hit up improv out of suit, which ended up being pushed back so we ditched that and grabbed dinner and milk shakes at Rubies across the street. Headed back to the hotel, packed out, and headed home. We ended up buying a couple more bottles of port on the way back and had a way overloaded car which was constantly scraping the bottom on the way home. Drive home was pretty uneventful.

The con in general was a lot better than last year though I heard attendance dropped by 50 attendees or so. Doppler had paint on his eye chip off and another ABS ear support snapped. He is now in a pretty bad condition. My car has more body damage and my undercarriage has a lot of damage including my catalytic converter which sorta looks like swiss cheese right now. I learned the hard way what sleep deprivation really means and all in all, it was a very interesting con albeit a bit short.

Good news, it killed my RF PCD. I'm now looking to rebuild doppler from the ground up keeping the muzzle and cheeks since I love the shape of the current ones. He will be getting a new head base built out of sturdier materials, probably new ears, both lighter and possibly bigger, new and more EL wire, functional SMA mount for antennas, new and better glowing eyes, possibly upgraded to use LEDs for eyes as well as retaining the glow in the dark powder, EL wire for ear outline and wifi sign, and maybe even some fiber op. Also planning out the new Groggy Roo with lots of orange and a few different blues. Plan to have both of them ready to go by FC 2012. I'm also looking at my car and am beginning to seriously consider getting a new car. I'll go ahead and get a muffler repair wrap for the cat, and fix the body damage but I'll likely start looking at new vehicles soon.

Antheria has been a fun and tiring con with a lot of mishaps although those mishaps are leading me to bigger and better things. I may or may not do this con again next year.

I plan to continue posting to my LJ so keep your eyes open for updates and the such

Species change!

Or rather half change. This has sorta been a long time coming which was probably pretty noticeable in the past few suits and modifications to previous suits I've made as of late. But anyway, I'm starting to tire of all the fox jokes a bit. Yes, I know stereotypically, foxes like the cock (chicken that is) but in all reality, I'm still way more drawn to females than I am to males. I always find myself swooning over females who show up at furmeets and stuff. It also seems that Doppler and his huge ears have become fairly well known in the fandom. No, I don't wanna be a popufur and all that jazz. I just feel it helps a bit in this fandom to be somewhat known especially since I'm a tad shy and don't do very well introducing myself to others. So, I'm officially declaring a species change from a Fox to a Fennec FoxRoo. Yes, there still is some fox in there, I just can't see myself completely ditching the fox. Groggy will remain as a fox as a separate character but I'll be building a Groggy FoxRoo fursuit shortly to reflect changes and will slowly be phasing him in.

Along with this change, I wanna make several life changes. I wanna focus more on school, a bit less on the fandom as I feel I've been devoting entirely too much time these past few years to furry. This will also be a step towards helping me budget better and pay off debt that I have as I have a bit of debt on my hands at this point. I'd also like to try and lose a bit of weight along with all this so hopefully, I'll be making this change in a good way.

I know this may come as a surprise to all, but I've decided and am now a bouncy lil FoxRoo =^.^=

Fremont FurBowl

What started as a simple tweet about wanting to go bowling with some
friends evolved into fursuit bowling, and further into a monthly meet.
Ended up hosting my first fursuit bowling night at Cloverleaf Family
Bowl in Fremont CA and the turnout was about double what i expected. The
manager there was awesome to work with. We were able to bowl in suit,
with our feetpaws, and he gave us a changing room too.

The manager loved us and has OKed us to come back any time to suit bowl,
so, I happily announce a new monthly meet in the bay area, the Fremont
Furbowl which will take place the 3rd Friday of every month at
CloverLeaf Family Bowl in fremont CA. I'm still working on details and
the times will fluctuate a bit from month to month depending on the
league bowling schedule. Beyond that, hope everyone who showed up
tonight had fun and hope to see more faces next month


Got my xbox fixed finally. Currently only in possession of Halo: Reach. Will be expanding on games and getting XBL gold soon. Gamertag Cup O Grog